Welcome to eleiva.it

we look after and live on our olive grove. we have perfected the many steps of cultivating the olive trees and producing the Extra Virgin Oil

we aim to produce our very own best Extra Virgin Oil, called Poggiarello. It is hand picked on our olive grove, milled on the field as quickly as possible after harvest and left to rest and sediment for a short period before being available to you!
This oil has very limited production, in 2021 we have produced only 150 liters

our experience and training as Olive Oil Sommelier make it possible for us to select the very best Extra Virgin Oils throughout Italy, our first selection is Olivello.
It is produced in Seggiano with mainly Leccino, Morraiolo and Frantoio cultivars. The extraction is done daily after harvest in a modern centrifugal mill and left to sediment naturally.

please don’t hesitate and for any questions email us: info@eleiva.it