2023 Production update

This year has been an extremely good year, it was 15 years we did not have such wonderful conditions for the olive grove.

The spring was a little confusing with a mixture of mild temperatures and 3 weeks of strong rain. Rain can be problematic when the olives are flowering: the rain can wash the pollen thus reducing the number of future olives. Many areas around us were hit by that rain during the flowering season, but we were lucky.

We are quite high up and the olive trees flowered just after the strong rains meaning that the pollen had a chance to fly around (pollination for olive trees happen with the wind, not with insects).

Then the summer was VERY hot and dry till September, with temperatures up to 43 celsius in the shade.

The olive trees went in protection mode and the fruits ended quite dry till about 2 weeks before harvest time at the middle of October. The production was late.
We had some rain 2nd half of October, and it was JUST in time to give some water to the trees and fruits. Beginning of November all was set for a wonderful harvest.

Bottom line is that we had an amazing harvest in quality and quantity. The yield was average but quality was good !!!, altogether 250 liters of Poggiarello EVO

There is very good oil available in our area which we can easily source for you once our stock is over.

Beyond Tuscany, we are in collaboration with mills and producers in Sicily and our list of Italian EVO of quality will be soon on display on this site